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You’ve already taken an important first step toward ensuring the health and happiness of your precious little one by seeking breastfeeding support.

Several years (and four babies!) ago, I found myself in your position and decided to take a Breastfeeding 101 class. My mom reacted to the news with surprise:

“You just put the baby on your boob, and they suck!”

Fortunately, breastfeeding came easily to my mom. But most of us need a little help. Just like learning to walk or ride a bike, breastfeeding is instinctive and natural, but perfecting this invaluable skill requires patience and practice with a fair amount of guidance and encouragement along the way.

That’s where I come in. I am dedicated to providing warm, caring and unbiased support to help you and your child not just succeed, but thrive, in your breastfeeding relationship no matter what your personal goals may be.


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