"Amazing to Work With"

amanda_s“Vanessa was so amazing to work with. My daughter really struggled to gain weight in her first few weeks, which was so stressful for me. Vanessa found the problem and developed a plan to make sure my daughter was gaining weight and getting enough milk without me overproducing. She built so much confidence in me, which led to me successfully nursing my baby girl for one year!”


-Amanda S.

"Worth Her Weight In Gold"

“Total success! Vanessa is worth her weight in gold. She walked me through the process with patience, listened to my concerns and taught me different positions to breastfeed my daughter. Ever since, she has been eating and sleeping like a champion, and we’ve been able to enjoy parenthood.”


-Ana P.

"Extremely Knowledgeable and Very Professional"

“Working with Vanessa was amazing! She came to my house and worked with my son and me; gave me tons of great suggestions to improve breastfeeding; answered all of my questions; helped relieve some of my concerns about overproduction/overfeeding; and also helped me to think through how to prepare to go back to work.  She is extremely knowledgeable and very professional.  Breastfeeding can be a private and intimate experience, especially those first few weeks when you’re still getting the hang of it, and I felt comfortable with Vanessa immediately. She not only has the professional experience, but also the personal experience as a mommy of four!  I would highly recommend her to any mom.”


-Elizabeth A.

"Patient and Thorough"

“My son and I left the hospital without getting a handle on nursing. I was determined to breastfeed, and after a few days home it was apparent that it wasn’t working. I felt like a failure and started seeking out help immediately, but I couldn’t find a resource that would be able to help us in a timely manner. Vanessa graciously offered her services, and within a half hour, our problems were solved. She was patient and thorough and made both my husband and I feel comfortable. With her help, I was able to successfully nurse my son until he weaned himself. I couldn’t be more grateful and highly recommend Vanessa to any moms struggling to breastfeed.”


-Katie C.

"A Calming Influence"

“Even when I thought I knew what I was doing with baby number two, Vanessa was extremely helpful.  She was a calming influence in a frustrating situation, which is crucial to successful breastfeeding.  Vanessa was extremely knowledgeable on tips and tricks that helped me along the way and was always eager to help.  She went above and beyond each time I reached out, and I can’t thank her enough.”


-Lindsay C.

"A Lifesaver"

“When I met Vanessa over the phone, I was experiencing the beginning stages of mastitis, and I was in a state of panic. Vanessa returned my call within an hour of my leaving her a message and gave me sound advice on how to relieve my symptoms as quickly as I could. She was supportive, kind and sympathetic and told me to call her any time I needed her. Luckily, one call was all it took—24 hours later I felt alive again! I was an exhausted mom in need of immediate assistance, and Vanessa came to the rescue. She was a lifesaver!”


-Ashley S.

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